Dahlitech's vision is to be the customers preferred partner

We want to be our customers preferred sub-contractor and partner i metal woorking and sheet plate work.

Our primarily competences are: laser cutting, robot welding, TIG welding, CO2 welding, edgewise bending, cutting, automatic sawing and chip cutting.

Our primary objects

  • To perform the quality and time of delevery, - agreed upon
  • To deliver a good and stable service in all our solutions
  • Keep and extend the technology knowledge of the firm
  • Keep and extend our customer-portfolio
  • To be an economic attractive partner
  • To be a flexible partner
  • To develop the firm after the needs of the customer
  • To place the collaborators in the center of our development
  • To continue to have a very positive and safe working environment

Dahlitech production is made to orders.

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Dahlitech A/S​

Kertemindevej 48

DK-8940 Randers SV

CVR: 32777597

Telephone: +45 8710 0788

E-mail: sdl@dahlitech.dk


Opening hours

Monday till thursday
kl. 07.30 - 15.30


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